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About Us

Greetings Friends,


There is nothing like seeing the joy in a child's eyes when they delight in the magic of the world around them. Whether this is a happy surprise or a carefully crafted experience, a child's reaction never ceases to amaze me. This is why Keep Magic Alive is devoted to maintaining the magic of childhood wonder. We offer products to assist parents in achieving this goal. I wish you and your family many happy moments where you are able to Keep Magic Alive for the special child in your life!


Best Wishes,

Kabrina Rozine

Founder of Keep Magic Alive


My Inspiration

I am the mother of two beautiful girls and I love children! I have enjoyed every stage my girls have gone through, but one of my favorites was their belief in the tooth fairy. I loved to hear the sequels of delight that announced they had found a letter the tooth fairy had left them.

It made me sad to hear my youngest daughter express her disbelief in the tooth fairy and to accuse me (with a frustrated tone to her voice) of having the same handwriting as her fairy. The gig was up, but I remain convinced that it would have greatly extended her belief if I would have only approached the tooth fairy in a different way.

I am now committed to helping other families extend their children's sense of wonder. I have designed these letters to be small, handwritten, and personalized. The idea is that it will be very believable for a child to receive the letter. What really strengthens the tooth fairy magic is when more than one child gets the same type of letter. If for example a couple of different children in the neighborhood receive the same letters, than the fairy must be visiting different houses and must be "REALLY REAL"!

So now I stay at home with my girls and enjoying making letters to help other families keep magic alive for the special children in their lives. I also love to hear your tooth fairy stories. If you have one to share, please don't hesitate to message me!

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