Sample Tooth Fairy Messages

Posted by Administrator on 2/5/2015
Our most frequent question is "what do the fairy letters say?". In response to this question, here are examples of a few of the letters included in our sets:

There are two choices available as a first tooth option:
  • How exciting! Your first tooth. Did you know every tooth I collect adds to the magic of Fairyland? Thank you for this one.
  • First teeth are so exciting! I will be dancing all the way to Fairyland with this beauty. You are taking good care of your teeth.
If you have already given your child a different type of letter with an earlier tooth and would like to introduce him/her to these letters, you could use this as your first:
  • You are growing up! I think you are ready to read my notes in my true fairy handwriting - small and dainty like me.
If you happen to miss an evening where a child has left a tooth, there is a letter to explain the delay:
  • I'm sorry it took so long to visit your house. The Fairy Queen kept me home because I had a cold. I feel better now. Your tooth is beautiful!
Here are a few additional examples:
  • Wow! What a beautiful tooth. You must be brushing and flossing every day. This will be perfect for my collection.
  • This tooth is so strong. You must be eating and drinking just the right foods. Keep up the good work!
  • Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. . . and it finally fell out! You worked so hard to give me this tooth. It was worth the wait.

All fairy letters start with your child's name 
and are signed with a heart and "The Tooth Fairy"

Have a special request for wording
Send us a message and we will make accommodations. Up to 6 additional letters can be provided at no additional charge. If there are more than 6 requested, we would be happy to quote a price for your needs.