Product Video and Directions

Product Video and Tooth Fairy Letter Directions

Tooth Fairy Letter Directions

* Select the fairy letter you would like to use. Each letter is different, so choose one that meets your child's current situation. There are two letters to choose from as the first Tooth Fairy letter. If this is your child's first tooth, a congratulatory letter is included. If your child has been receiving letters from the tooth fairy prior to this system, consider using the letter starting with "You are growing up!". 

* Fold the chosen letter in half and insert it into the envelope of your choice.

* Roll your money into a tight cylinder.

* Tie the money to the fairy letter (as if you were tying your shoe) using the attached ribbon.

* Clip the ends of the ribbon to the desired length.

* Replace the tooth with the fairy letter.

* Share in your child's excitement!